Why does Melton Candle Company use soy wax?

Why does Melton Candle Company use soy wax?

We know you want to know what you are smelling so here is the low down. The Melton Candle Company wax blend consists of a soy-based additive and is both FDA-approved and Kosher-certified. Our all-natural soy wax blended formula has been fine tuned to give the ultimate fragrance experience for our awesome customers.

Soy wax is highly sought after for its sustainable and natural characteristics and provides a cleaner, longer burn time {YAY}.

Want more? Here is some wick knowledge for you.

Does Melton Candle Company use lead wicks?

No way! We use cotton braided wicks that features paper filament throughout.  Our wicks are designed to promote a more consistent burn

Melton Candle Company wicks are individually chosen based off fragrance and vessel combination. It’s all based off our goal to give you the best fragrance experience possible!

What is the best way to burn a Melton Candle?

Caring for your wick is very important to the burn of your candle.  This means trimming your wick between burns, especially before relighting. Make sure to read our next blog for more burning tips.

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