Mega Glazed Pottery | 2 Pound Melton Candle Company
Mega Glazed Pottery | 2 Pound Melton Candle Company
Mega Glazed Pottery | 2 Pound Melton Candle Company

Mega Glazed Pottery | 2 Pound Melton Candle Company

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Our Glazed Pottery candle is a gorgeous hour glass shape that is perfect for modern, farmhouse or traditional home designs.  Each vessel is filled with our highly fragrant signature scents that you will make you a MCC fan for life. 

100% Natural Soy Wax | Natural Fragrance Oils | Lead-free Cotton Wick | 2 LB. | 192 hr Burn Time | Features Our Twisted Wick


pineapple + mango + driftwood

Crisp watery accents of tropical foliage with a fruity summer blend.


sage + eucalyptus + cedar leaf

Who are we kidding...this scent smells like the most beautiful man you ever looked at ;) You will love it. 


pomelo + cassis + tangerine

Classic spa scent, however, this scent means more to me.  This scent will transport you to clean, airy orange groves.  You know, the kind you would pass by as a child on a road trip through Florida. 


peach + magnolia

Southern Porch is "Gone with the Wind" fabulous.  We were able to blend just the right amount of peach and magnolia that will please the southerner in all of us.  This scent has been a favorite since we dropped it in 2018 and we look forward to hearing what you think...most likely you will say "Bless Your Heart", thank you for creating this perfect southern scent. 


chamomile + lavender

For years customers have asked for lavender...well, we finally did it and we did it good.  Our dreamland candle scent will be your favorite go to scent for relaxation.  


bay leaf + a hint of tobacco

You know it's good when the owner names it after herself! Laurel leaf is the spicy blend of bay leaf and tobacco leaf.  Don't let the notes turn you away from this scent - you will just have to trust us that Laurel leaf is a WINNER! 


lemon + sandalwood

Lemongrass is a bright, fresh blend of lemon, lime, sandalwood & vanilla...and it is beautiful.  This scent will immediately relax you, it's like being at the day spa only you do not have to leave your own home.  (Summer Scent)


lemon + eucalyptus

A staple in any Southerners backyard. We blended lemon, orange and eucalyptus for this powerhouse bug repellant.  (Summer Scent)

Mega Glazed Pottery | 2 Pound Melton Candle Company