Swiss Dot Clear Glass Candle - The Melton Candle Company
Swiss Dot Clear Glass Candle - The Melton Candle Company

Swiss Dot Clear Glass Candle

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Handmade and hand poured 100% soy wax jar candles.  Unique candles that make the perfect gift. Discover the most highly scented candle on the market.  Our candles will wrap your space with long-lasting fragrance and add style to your decor with our unique vessels.  Our Swiss Dot Glass candles are our customer favorites.  MCC also offers a wide range of highly scented wax melts and white candles. MCC candles are the best smelling candles on the market. 

    • the Clear Glass is beautifully ornate with Swiss Dot design, perfect size candle for yourself or gift giving
    • 12 ounce candle
    • cotton wick
    • 6 hour per ounce burn time
    • 100% natural soy wax
    • hand poured
    • made in the USA
    • woman owned company

    MELTON LAVA candle

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    FLORIDA HOUSE candle

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    PEPPERMINT candle

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