Our Story

“Laura, What made you start making candles?”
This is the number one question I am asked & maybe one of my favorite questions to answer. I was a stay at home mom for years and always dabbled in different things. I’ve had a clothing store, I’ve sold advertising & I’ve even managed a farmers market, but I never really found that perfect niche for myself. I have always known how to make candles and really loved the process of candle making. To me, candle making is a lot like cooking and I LOVE to cook!!! So one day I started making wax melts and joined a Facebook selling group, posted a photo and people started buying them from me. I sold them for about a year this way and ended up in several boutiques in Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi. It was fun to me to design the labels and set up custom logos for these ladies who were buying my melts. What was really awesome is that I took some of my advertising knowledge from years ago and applied it to the marketing aspect of what I was doing. {I need to say that MELTON is my maiden name, and my husband takes full credit for offering up the idea of naming my company MELTON...kindof a play on words & it really worked out.} Once I had a great business foundation I decided to create a website {www.meltoncandlecompany.com} to sell my products online. If any of you have ever worked on a website you know that this is tremendous work. I hired a girl to help me with keeping up my site and help me stay on top of my social media posts. She and I worked literally day and night, updating, pouring and shipping out my wax melts. I knew I wanted to expand my brand and I knew I wanted to use vessels that could be repurposed instead of being thrown away, so I found a great pottery manufacturer and started pouring candles into ceramics. Customers loved the new look and I was really learning about my brand along with them. I watched trends as far as what scents they were buying and what vessels they were reordering. The following year I decided to take my products to the Atlanta Gift Mart...talk about a small fish in a BIG pond...WOW!! With my husband by my side, we showcased the Melton Candle line in July of 2019 to thousands and thousands of boutique owners. It was amazing, exhausting, rewarding, tiring, fun and the BEST learning experience. We left with around 100 boutiques, came home from market and started pouring. Through that I continued to expand the brand. I was offered several deals with subscription boxes, I was offered space by a large retailer and I was introduced to a celebrity influencer. In September of 2019 we had out grown my “pouring room” or as you may know it better - my office, my dining room and my husbands media room, LOL. A friend of mine had a quaint retail spot that was in need of a renter, she called me and asked if I was interested. Without hesitation I said “YES, Where do I sign?” and we moved Melton Candles into its first retail location at 109 South Hutchinson Ave. Adel, GA. Honestly, its been a blur since then. The holiday season was amazing and customers from all over the South visited MCC. We continued to grow our wholesale side and myself and my team are just so excited about what the next year will hold. I feel really blessed that I have found something I love and I’m so thankful that all of you love what I’m doing. It is the most amazing feeling when people grab me and hug me saying “I am so proud of you”! There is no feeling like it in the world. I hope that MCC continues to grow and more than anything, I hope that with every purchase you make from me, you can feel the love that went in to the making of your candle. Thank you all so much for your support.
With much love,
Laura Melton Mathis