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About Melton Candle Company




Simply put, we are a family owned business who like to put God first in our business as we help support our families, our community and each other.  We are creating a world full of smiles and happy thoughts, one great candle at a time!




In 2017, Laura Melton Mathis began creating wax melts out of her home office.  While toying with names for the company, her husband suggested MELTON, which was her maiden name...and what a great decision.  Laura has made it her goal to keep the name MELTON alive through her creative fragrances and unique candles.  

Our wholesale division really took off in 2018 when we were exhibitors at the Atlanta Gift Mart.  We also have a retail location, a fundraiser division and an online store.  We are so excited to add you to the family at Melton Candle Company.